DIY Craft: How to Make Cardboard Binoculars for Kids

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Your kid doesn’t need to have the motor skills to handle real binoculars before you take them birding for the first time. These DIY binoculars will make any nature walk (or ramble through the yard) feel like a wildlife adventure. This craft is quick and easy to create so that you can head to the great outdoors for a fun inaugural birding experience.


Cardboard rolls leftover from paper towels or toilet paper
Tape or glue
Hole punch
String (yard, ribbon, twine, whatever you have around!)
Markers, colored paper, and any other craft materials

How to Make DIY Binoculars

1. Take two toilet paper rolls (or a paper towel roll carefully cut in half), and attach them together side by side using tape or glue. 

2. Wrap paper around the rolls. Your kid can decorate their binculars however they want! 

3. Use a hole punch to make holes on the outside of each roll. Tie a strand of yarn, about 18-20 inches long, through each hole to create a strap to hang the binoculars loosely around the child’s neck. To avoid the danger of choking, children should only use under supervision.

4. Go outside to explore and play!

Send a photo of your finished binoculars to, and post it on Twitter using the hashtag #kidsart and tagging @audubonsociety!

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