?Funny Hamster MAZE 5-lvl LABYRINTH ?Hamster Obstacle Course?

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?Will my dwarf hamster ? pass the 5-level hamster maze? Interesting? This is kids videos for kids 0+. You will see as a hamsters???????❕❓?????
– riding the elevator??
– runs away from the spider on the wall???
– burrows into red balls??
– climbs into a pipe from a bottle??
– falls into the trap??
– Crosses the gears obstacles?❕❓
– is engaged in mountaineering??
– pushes between balls of pinpong??
– crawls through a barrier of pencils??
– gets trapped in tubes??
– meets the big boss and eats it??
– hamster fails

Then you will see the second hamster, which goes this route faster and more interesting.

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Funny videos:
?Mario ?Hamster Maze – https://youtu.be/3BZBF2Q6p3s
?Hamster MAZE ?Hamster LABYRINTH – https://youtu.be/40kF1Guwf0k


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