Hidden In Plain Sight, Can You Find The Cats?

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Cats are next level experts at hiding, this we know, but did you know felines have the power to hide in plain sight too?

Cat fur comes in an earth-toned array of colors and patterns, lending well to kitty hiding abilities. And thanks to their shades of brown, black, russet, smoke, and white, these masters of camouflage have the ability to blend in with surroundings and disappear without even meaning to.

Just like the cat in this Reddit post titled “Find a cat”…


Did you find the ginger tabby hidden in the wood? Hint: Look near the top of the middle stack.

Once you see the napping cat among the logs, you can’t unsee him in his wide-open hiding spot!

From house panthers hidden in shadow to calicoes matching the patterns of home, see if you can find the kitties in these pictures. Some are easy to spot, but searching out others will leave you flummoxed.

Camouflage Cats

Can you spot the Bengal in his comfy blanket?


Sascha blends wonderfully with her gray couch…


Island the cat blends in with her sandy surroundings…


Henry the ginger cat has learned he’s hidden in when he naps in matching packing paper…


Wood grain or tabby pattern?

The Cat Hospital of Fairfax, Inc./Facebook

This calico cat standing in front of the stairs boggles the eyes…

Dupont Veterinary Clinic/Facebook

Is that a cat or a blanket watching TV?


Ready for another tough one? Get ready, this one is even harder than the ginger tabby snoozing in the woodpile…

Need a little help? Look first toward the right of the picture.

Another hint…you’re looking for a grey tabby.

Still vexed? Look in front of the rocks.

Now, more cats hiding in plain sight…

The eyes have it here…


That sink is peeking at me…

Joanne Ruiz/Facebook

A fluffy tummy and a fluffy blankie…


Its crazy how well calicoes can blend in…

Meta Visions/Facebook

This cat is purrfectly at home hidden in the branches…


And here, we find a master of disguise doubling as a priceless treasure


These paws pair nicely with a stripey blanket…


Cosmic kitty is connected to the universe…


Just a baby and already the skills of a pro…


A cat mixed among the leaves…


Feature Images:@escatxic/Instagram & The Cat Hospital of Fairfax, Inc./Facebook

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