Darling Tabby Brings Slippers To Mom Every Morning

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Our kitties love us and they show their affection in the strangest of ways.

Some cats deliver hunted presents. Others purr like mad and make biscuits. Cats even sleep on our heads to demonstrate their love.

But one cat has a strange, but heart-meltingly sweet action to show her mom how much she appreciates her.

Meet Lulu. She’s a darling tabby fluff who found her forever home a couple of years ago. And in the time she’s been with her mom, Lulu has gone from being a lonely and unkempt cat to a happy floof with the sweetest habit of thanks.


In the first weeks of coming home, Lulu would watch her mom put on her slippers every day. And then, after a few months, Lulu brought her mom one of her slippers. After depositing the first one, the stripy darling went back for the other one. She delivered it too!

Lulu’s human sister, Kayla, told the Dodo her mom was quite surprised, but “she wore the drool-covered slippers to encourage Lulu.”

Seeing her mom happy, Lulu kept bringing the slippers.


No One Believed What Lulu Could Do

But no one believed Lulu’s mom when she told them what her dear cat could do.

“I didn’t believe her until she got it on camera finally,” admitted Kayla.

But now, with the power of social media, everyone can share in watching Lulu’s kindness toward her mom.

Here’s Lulu carrying out the first slipper…


And part two witnesses the delivery of number two…


Seeing Lulu do something so sweet for their mom, Kayla said, “It really seems like she just wants to take care of my mom, since my mom takes such good care of her.”

Superstar in the Making

Lulu is new to Instagram, but her page has already captured the hearts of almost 2,000 cat lovers. And watching her carry those big slippers around one-by-one, its easy to see why. She is simply adorable as she does something so nice for her human.

Her bio even reads, “I bring slippers to my mom every morning.”

It seems Lulu loves her mom and her slippers so much, she even snoozes with them.


Maybe Lulu likes hanging close to the furry slippers so she can bring them to her mom at a moment’s notice. Whether she’s saying thanks for the happy home or because she’s just a kind kitty all the way around, Lulu’s care for her mom’s comfort is absolutely heart and foot warming.

H/T: www.thedodo.com
Feature Image: @lulutheslippercat/Instagram

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