Girl Sings “You Are My Sunshine” To Dying Best Friend Cat

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Cat lovers can be any age, and whether young or old, their love for furry family runs deep. And when its time for our fur darlings to go, that love offers comfort in the most difficult of moments. At only four years old, Abby Merryn already understood this fact when it came to saying good-bye to her best friend, Bailey the cat.

Though young, Abby already had a lifetime of memories involving Bailey. She would often sing and read to the orange cat and Bailey loved every second. He even enjoyed playing dress-up with Abby and their little sister. Bailey was truly a cat in love with his family.


Singing Good-Bye

But Bailey was 14 and his kidneys were giving out, meaning he would soon leave the comfort of Abby’s arms to pad over the Rainbow Bridge. In his final hours, the sweet boy held Bailey close, singing “You Are My Sunshine”.

Abby and Bailey’s mom, Erin Merryn, captured the touching moment on camera and shared the tenderness online.


A few hours after Abby sang to her best friend, Bailey passed away.

The family and the orange tabby’s fans were devastated.

On Instagram, Erin shared, “He was one in a million who allowed two little girls to give him baths, feed him in high chairs, push him strollers, dress him up, put fake makeup on him, rock him in cradles, sit at a table while they fed him plastic food, sleep with them at nap time and bedtime, among many other things.”


Indeed, Bailey proved himself to be no ordinary cat, leaving a deep paw print on the lives he touched. Though he’s gone, his memory lives on in the hearts of his family.

And the family loves to share their memories on Bailey’s Instagram page.


Love From the World

After Bailey’s death, fans from all over sent condolences and well-wishes. Beyond the borders of the U.S., reports love and sympathy poured in from France, Sweden, New Zealand, Scotland, the Netherlands, Canada, Argentina, Germany, Australia, the Philippines, the UK, and Italy. Many Bailey fans even sent ginger cat plush toys for the girls to snuggle with.


Since losing Bailey, the Merryn family has welcomed home a new fur darling and little Carrot enjoys playing with Abby and all the plush ginger kitty toys that came after Bailey passed away.


What a wonderful way to include the memory of a dear cat gone while beginning a new journey with a kitten.

Listen as Abby sings “You Are My Sunshine” to best friend Bailey, just hours before she passed away. You might need to have the tissues handy…

Feature Image: @the_cat_named_carrot/Instagram

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