Gopher, Bull, & Pine Snake, The Best Pet Snake?

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Bull snakes, gopher snakes, and pine snakes (Pituophis spp.) are some of my favorite colubrid snakes. But, are they the right pet snake for you? Clint looks at these amazing, beautiful snakes to help you decide.



Heat Tape:


Heat Pad:

Heat Cable:

Water Bowl:



Rack Enclosure:

Glass Enclosure:


0:33 Gopher, Bull, & Pine Snakes get an overall score of 4.0 out of 5.

0:40 Score criteria: Handleability, Care, Hardiness, Availability, Upfront Costs.

0:48 Handleability: How well does an Gopher, Bull, & Pine Snake do with handling?

2:15 Care: What is involved with caring for Gopher, Bull, & Pine Snakes?

3:40 Hardiness: How hardy are Gopher, Bull, & Pine Snakes?

3:53 Availability: How easy is it to obtain an Gopher, Bull, & Pine Snake?

4:40 Upfront Costs: How much does it cost to get setup with an Gopher, Bull, & Pine Snake?

5:29 Conclusion: Gopher, Bull, & Pine Snake deserve an overall score of 4.0.

6:06 Bloopers, out-takes, silliness.


Clint is a professional biologist and educator, but above all, Clint LOVES reptiles and he loves to share that love with everyone he meets. Whether you’re lover or a hater of reptiles, you can’t help but get excited with Clint!
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