Ackie Monitor, The Best Pet Lizard?

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The ackie monitor (Varanus acanthurus) might just be the best pet lizard on planet earth. Clint looks at the these incredible lizards to help you determine if the ackie monitor is the right pet lizard for you.


Feeder Insects:
– Dubia Roaches =
– Crickets =
– Superworms =


Lamp Fixture:
– Bulb Style =
– Tube Style =

Bulbs & Tubes:
– Light, Heat, and UVB =
– Light, and UVB =

Water Bowl:





0:37 Ackie Monitors get an overall score of 3.6 out of 5.

0:54 Score criteria: Handleability, Care, Hardiness, Availability, Upfront Costs.

1:03 Handleability: How well does a Ackie Monitor do with handling?

4:27 Care: What is involved with caring for Ackie Monitors?

6:30 Hardiness: How hardy are Ackies?

8:33 Availability: How easy is it to obtain a Ackie Monitor?

9:24 Upfront Costs: How much does it cost to get setup with a Ackie Monitor?

10:09 Conclusion: Ackie Monitors are great and deserve an overall score of 3.6.

10:35 Bloopers, out-takes, silliness.

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