How to TARANTULA? Complete beginner guide 101


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All the topics covered in the video:
1:35 Is it the right pet for me?
2:45 Maintenance
4:25 What tarantula should I get?
6:40 Basics of scientific names and recommended genus
9:05 Whether to buy sling, juvenile, or adult tarantula
10:36 Enclosures
14:53 Ventilation/humidity
17:10 Temperature
18:18 Feeding
21:05 Pre-molt and Growth
24:25 Tarantula quantity mark (Example: 1.1.1)
25:20 Enjoy DIY Enclosure Builds
27:37 Re-housing
28:45 Handling
30:09 Burrowing Tarantulas
30:48 Losing limbs/legs
31:20 How to spot Mature Males
32:20 Uricating Hairs
33:17 Latin Names/Scientific Names
35:20 Where to get a pet Tarantula
37:20 Breeders and Groups

Stuff (first link is US, second UK and third DE amazon)

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And join tarantula forum:

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CD enclosure:

Ferrero enclosure: tour:

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Intro and outro song:

tarantula beginner guide full video 101 faq spider pet care sheet
how to

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