Interactive Feline Behavior Survey to Help Cats in Chronic Pain

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In March, I introduced you to a feline behavior quiz developed by British veterinarian Mike Farrell, BVetMed CertVA CertSAS Diplomat ECVS MRCVS, an orthopedic surgeon with a strong interest in chronic pain management. Thank you to al of you who took the quiz!

Dr. Farrell’s study is designed to provide pet parents and veterinary surgeons free access to clear and simple decision-making aids when it comes to dealing with cats in pain. “We currently rely on behavioral clues such as willingness to exercise and ability to jump, groom and interact,” says Dr. Farrell.

Dr. Farrell analyzed the data collected from the original quiz, and created a new interactive survey that incorporates the data and allows you to compare your cat’s habits with those of normal cats, and those of cats dealing with chronic pain. I was honored that Dr. Farrell asked for my input into his survey.

Please take a few minutes to complete the new survey. The results will not only help Dr. Farrell’s research, but they will provide insight into your cat’s behavior.

If the survey won’t open for you by clicking on the image above, click here to take the survey.

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