Purrsday Poetry: Cat Competition

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My mom!  No, MY mom! The saga continues.

I’m trying to write, but my cats block the venue.

The fierce competition for monitor blocking

surpassed inconvenience and turned into SHOCKING.

“I can’t see around you!” I yell at invaders,

continuing onward, my mini crusaders

insist upon fighting, and scratching the screen.

I yowl even louder, “Stop being so mean!”

One is insulted, the other revolted,

my typing betraying that I am devoted

to something else other than kitty demands,

a horrible concept they can’t understand.

I see by their movements, their tiny minds scheme!

They’re thinking up methods to spoil my dreams!

They quickly devour the treats that I’ve scattered,

then climb into boxes like nothing else mattered.

I’ve learned a few tricks while living with felines,

the cold, hardened stares mean you MUST make a beeline

for treats or for boxes…for their favorite foods,

so they don’t remember to poop in your shoes.

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