Banana Ball Python Genetics: Understanding Male Maker and Female Maker

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This is not just about the fact that male makers produce more male bananas and female makers produce more female bananas. We all knew that. But it makes no sense in a ZW system. Clint explains why we get male and female makers. This was the only thing in ball python genetics that didn’t make sense. Now it does!

Having read through the paper in its entirety, it is apparent that the authors were aware of the implications of their findings on the inheritance pattern for banana ball pythons, though they do not lay it out in its entirety in the text of the publication.

Some helpful information about ball python genetics:
Most of the traits in the ball python hobby are very simple. Some are dominant (which means that they look the same if they have one copy or two (from one parent or both). Some are recessive meaning you need two copies (one from each parent) to show the trait (those that have only one copy don’t show it. They are hets, which is short for heterozygous). The rest are incomplete dominant (often mistakenly called codominant in the hobby which is something else). Incomplete dominant traits look different if you have one copy (from one parent) than if you have two (from both parents).
Some examples: Pinstripe is dominant. Albino is recessive. Lesser/BEL is incomplete dominant.
Banana is incomplete dominant and linked to the sex determining chromosomes (X and Y).

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