Bindi & Robert Irwin feature – Rhinoceros (Kei) – Growing Up Wild


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Robert & Bindi Irwin showcase their wildest animals at Australia Zoo.
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Kei the White Rhino is one the biggest animals at Australia Zoo weigh in in at close to two tonnes but despite his tough exterior he’s a gentle giant. You can tell the difference between the black and White Rhino due to the shape of their lip. He love’s rolling in his mud bath and having a scratch, this beauty regimen also helps protect him from the sun and mosquitoes. Rhinos have poor eyesight but good smell and hearing and they need to be on the lookout as they are endangered due to the demand for their horn in traditional medicine.

Cast Robert and Bindi Irwin.
Crew; Producer: Tom Armstrong, Camera Operator: Ryan Mooney, Sound Recordist: Scott Mulready. Editor: Lucy Garrick, Graphics: Matt White.

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