Happy Birthday to My Mom

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Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! Today is Mom’s birthday, and I’m surprising her with her favorite cake and flowers!

I have my work cut out for me today to keep Mom’s spirits up! It’s Mom’s first birthday without Ruby, who left us five months ago today. Ruby always made Mom laugh on her birthday with her silly demands for tuna cake.

It’s also going to be a very strange birthday, because Mom won’t be able to go out. She hasn’t really gone anywhere for two months now. She says it’s because there’s a scary virus out there, and everyone is being told to stay home. Mom only leaves the house once each day to go for a walk, and then she comes right back home. She’s not even going out to hunt for food and stuff, but thankfully, that’s all being brought to us, including my food! Whew!

But I digress. Mom loves to eat out, and for as long as I’ve been with Mom, she’s always gone out with friends to her favorite restaurant to celebrate. I know she’s sad that she won’t be able to do that this year – and so am I, because sometimes she brings yummy leftovers home!

I love having her home with me so much, even more than normal, but I also know that she gets lonely at times and misses her human friends. I miss her human friends, too! It’s been a long time since somebody has come to visit us.

I’m going to work really hard to make Mom smile today. I’m going to purr and sit on her lap and stay by her side even more than I normally do. I want her to have a good birthday, despite everything.

Please help me make my Mom’s birthday a good one by wishing her Happy Birthday!

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