Cats Don’t Give A Flip About Your Purrfect Selfies

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Cats know how to work a camera, proving to be ultimate models. But, as most things with cats, the photography sessions only come out well when they choose to participate. This unwritten rule of catting also goes for taking a selfie with your cat.

Anyone who’s tried to catch a cute snap with their cat understands the frustration of an unwilling cat. Yet we still try because we want to capture our love for our felines in a cute photo memory. And for all our trying, we’re sometimes left with disaster… and bleeding skin!

Check out what happens when cat selfies go terribly wrong…

When you’re looking like a snack, but your cat has gone derpy…


Surprise, human! I photobombed your selfie!


You said you wanted my best side, Dad!


Marv says enough of you, its my turn!


Ahhh, life with cats summed up in one selfie…


This looks like the moment before a cat disaster…

Daniel Harris/Facebook

A silly Meez says no selfie for me…




When the girlfriend and the cat take over your selfie…

Funny Cat Pictures and Videos/Facebook

Not a selfie, but definitely a nice picture destroyed by a cat, or improved as the cat sees it…


Look at that tiny gray tiger posing big and with pride!


No kitty, you don’t bite the camera, you give it a smile!


When cats attack, selfie-style…


Just a kitten looking goofy…

အစ်ကို ကြောင်/Facebook

And on lazy Caturdays, you and your cat just gotta be silly…


Have a look at these purrfect selfies…

For every cat selfie gone wrong, there are so many more that turn out right!

Cat and cat lady are all smiles…

Funny Cat/Facebook

A ginger tabby captures a selfie of him living his best life…


Kitties dig filters for their selfies too…


Think I’m gonna destroy something, but first, let me take a selfie…


Sometimes a silly selfie with the cat turns out too cute!


IDK, felt cute, might charm the whole internet later…


Just chilling with the bestie…

Kucing Kucing Kucing/Facebook

Sometimes a goofy selfie with the cat turns out to be your favorite pic ever. And when cats take to capturing selfies, their self-portraits have us smashing like buttons everywhere!

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Feature Image: @msmolowe/Instagram & quicksilver3121/Reddit

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