Dog Unmoved by Alien Invasion Prank: Funny Dog Maymo vs Aliens

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Watch Funny Dog Maymo be Totally Unmoved by a Crazy Alien Invasion Prank! This cute beagle dog is taking a leisurely nap on the couch when he notices scores of aliens have shown up in the living room. Maymo reacts to this alien ‘pandemic’ with total nonchalance, since he’s used to these kinds of pranks from his owners. The funny dog quickly jumps on the invading extra terrestrials, knocking them down, and then takes over their ufo rocket ship, propelling himself through space…where he becomes an intergalactic ‘King’ of the alien race. Try not to laugh as you watch one of Maymo’s best and funniest alien prank videos…we dare you!

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Maymo & Friends: https://youtube.complaylist?list=PLA2SA_Le8jNYFFR3LZ4GLHukZsnUxConk&playnext=1
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