How to Care for Ball Pythons!


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In this video we demonstrate how to setup a proper enclosure for ball pythons, then go into details regarding feeding and other care tips.

Link to the Jump Start thermostat:

Link to the silicone sealant I use:

When *Not* to hold your Snake:

Wild Caught vs Captive Bred Reptiles:

Paper Towels vs Substrate:

Heat Lamps vs Mats:

Feeding in the Enclosure Vs a Separate Bin:

Feeding Live Vs Frozen/Thawed Prey:

Housing Snakes in Tanks Vs Tubs:

Note that there are MANY different opinions on proper ball python care. This video is personal opinion influenced by their wild environments and replicating them in captivity. Be sure to do plenty of research before acquiring a ball python so you can make well-rounded decisions regarding their care 🙂

Music by BenSound.

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