Jeweled Lacerta vs Blue-Tongued Skink – Head To Head

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So you love tegus, but they are just too big. What do you do? We pair two of the best tegu alternatives, the blue tongue skink and the jeweled lacerta, head to head, to determine which one best fills that tegu shaped hole in your heart.


2:41 Criteria: Awesomeness, Expensiveness, Difficulty.

2:56 Awesomeness

6:30 Expensiveness

8:17 Difficulty

9:58 Overall

11:24 Conclusion

11:53 Bloopers, Outtakes, Silliness


Clint is a professional biologist and educator, but above all, Clint LOVES reptiles and he loves to share that love with everyone he meets. Whether you’re lover or a hater of reptiles, you can’t help but get excited with Clint!
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You guys are so RAD!

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