Kitten Found in Drainage Ditch Gets New Place of Her Own


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A kitten who was seen hiding in a drainage ditch near a busy road, is so glad to be safe.

kitten rescue, drainage ditch, road


Clare, who lives in Hyogo, Japan, has been working from home since March, and only drives to work when it is absolutely necessary. On her recent trip to the office, she spotted a tiny ball of fur on the side of the road.

“I saw her head pop up quickly from the drainage ditch. I often see animals on that road like foxes, pheasants, wild boar, etc., but I had never seen a kitten, so I pulled over to check it out,” Clare told Love Meow. “The kitten wouldn’t let me get near her, hissing and/or running away.”

The tabby was frightened and alone, meowing loudly while trying to take refuge. Clare didn’t find other cats in the area, so she waited to see if the mother cat would come back for the crying kitten. Meanwhile, she went online to seek advice on how to help the little stray.

tabby kitten, drainage ditch, hiding


When she went back later, the kitten was still in the same place, crying very loudly, near the busy road. “I assumed she was abandoned or at least lost and in danger, so I decided to try to catch her to bring her to a vet,” Clare shared with Love Meow.

Clare got two cardboard boxes and bought some cat treats and gloves from the nearest convenience store. She turned the boxes into makeshift traps and used food to lure the kitten into one. The tabby was starving, and despite being very fearful, she couldn’t resist the food.

stray kitten, cardboard box


“She was very hungry and ate all the treats I dropped through the drainage ditch holes and eventually got into the box,” Clare said. “I then drove her home and left her with my girlfriend while I went to the shop to get the essentials.”

Watch the kitten’s rescue journey in this video:

Stray kitten and her rescue journey

The little tabby quickly came out of her shell, being in a comfortable home, away from the road and traffic. She scarfed down a bowl of kitten formula, and then crawled into a warm lap for some much-needed TLC.

The kitten was no longer afraid of her humans and really came around. “She got so comfortable with us so quickly.”

tabby kitten, lap cat


“We were surprised how quickly she warmed up to us. The first night at our place, she refused to sleep unless one of us was holding her. She immediately became very playful, trusting, and needy,” Clare told Love Meow.

They took the little one to the vet the next morning. She was named Claddagh, and estimated to be around five weeks old.

tabby kitten, cuddles


She was treated for ticks, stomach problems and a scratch on her head. Now that she’s on the mend, she’s gaining weight and energy, and her missing whiskers are growing back.

The tabby girl is thriving in her new home. “It’s now been six days together, and she just eats, plays, and sleeps all day,” Clare added.

kitten, happy, new home


Little Claddagh is so content and affectionate — a stark contrast to the frightened, crying kitten from the day of her rescue.

“She hasn’t cried loudly like when I first found her even once after coming to our place. She loves to attack her mouse toy, and practice climbing and jumping all over our sofa,” Clare said.

sleeping, tabby kitten


The little kitten, then and now!

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