How to Keep Your Cat Safe & Happy During the Lockdown

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We are all making huge adjustments to our lives to adapt to the new normal of lockdown and our pets are no different. Whether your cat prefers to be indoors or out, there are a few important ways you can keep them safe and happy until things get back to normal. Read on to discover five top care and cleaning tips for looking after your cat.

  1. Keep your cat active. You may have read our previous post on keeping your pet in shape during lockdown, and that is still applicable now. From building a ‘tree’ for your cat to encourage them to exercise and climb hen indoors; to creating a ‘work out plan’ for them such as specific times to go outside.
  2. Make sure you have a clean environment. This is especially important if they are spending more time indoors with you than usual. A few top cleaning tips include:
    • Make sure that you regularly empty out the cat litter tray. Not only is this more hygienic but it will prevent pests like flies setting up house in your home as the weather takes a turn for the better.
    • Make sure you clean up after yourself too. If your cat isn’t used to having you around, they may be curious about your leftovers. Some food (especially for cats unused to human food) may cause them to fall ill, which is the last thing you need!
    • Make sure you regularly and thoroughly wash your hands after contact with your cat. This is especially imperative if you have a cat that goes outdoors, as you do not know who may have given them some attention on their adventures outside.
  3. Feed them well. Whilst some items have been harder to pick up in supermarkets recently; for the most part cat (and other pet) food is still available. If you are having trouble locating it, try smaller or independent pet stores or check online at places such as PetsAtHome.
  4. Try not to change their usual routine too much. If you are at home more due to furlough, or working from home, this will already be a big change for your cat. To avoid stressing them out and causing them to fall unnecessarily ill, try to keep their routine the same:
    • If they are used to being outside, allow them to continue going out.
    • If they are used to being inside alone, separate yourself from them for some periods of time by working in another room.
  5. Don’t forget to interact with them. With many people now staying at home more, your cat may not see their usual outdoor companions such as dog walkers and children heading off on the school run. They may miss the interaction they would usually receive so ensure that you give them plenty of fuss.

So, regardless of whether your cat is curled up on your lap purring away as you read this, or running after mice in the fields nearby, you now have 5 ways you can keep them safe and happy during lockdown.

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