Hulk’s Family Tree! Meet All The Dogs Of DDK9s | DOG DYNASTY


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FROM KONG to Kobe, and General to the world famous Hulk, the pitbulls of Dog Dynasty have secured almost legendary status. But do you know who’s related to who? And how many of the unsung heroes of Dog Dynasty have you heard of? In this special episode, DDK9’s owner Marlon Grennan takes us on a guided tour of Hulk’s family tree. We see about the importance of lesser known dogs Cassius and Gianna, hear why Marlon considers the sadly departed General to be ‘the King’, and learn about the special breeding that produced the 175lb titan that is the Hulk. And there’s an emotional tribute to Ace, the beloved pet that Marlon calls ‘the most amazing training dog I’ve ever seen in my life’. This is the last in the fourth season of Dog Dynasty – watch out for season 5 coming to Beastly soon.

Video Credits:
Director of Photography: Andy Baybutt
Producer/Director: John Balson
Series Producers: Tom Midlane, Ruby Coote
Editor: Garry Sykes
Executive Producers: Lizzie Wingham, Dom Smith

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