Ikiru The Cat, Maker Of Mischief, Master Of Blep

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To say Ikiru is merely a cute cat sorely understates his adorable charm. Upon first seeing Ikiru’s photos, cat lovers become instant fans, his 124k followers on Instagram proving this to be true! Those crossed blue eyes and cute pink tongue are irresistible.

And his internet fame all began when his mom and dad first saw his sweet face on a breeder’s website. Once Ikiru’s parents welcomed the handsome kitten home, Emma and Rich started an Instagram page to share Ikiru’s life with the world.

Emma and Rich shared, “Exotic shorthairs have a slightly pudgy face but he’s very energetic and in great shape. Believe it or not, he doesn’t always have his tongue hanging out, but it seems to be a quirk of his, leading to some amusing facial expressions.”


And those expressions are touching hearts everywhere thanks to the reach of social media.”We get messages from all around the world saying his silly faces, cuteness, and personality brightens their day.”


His unusual appearance leads some folks to ask what’s wrong with Ikiru, but his parents assure worriers their boy is just fine! “Ikiru is really healthy and our vet told us he has some of the best teeth she has ever seen.”


A Face of Inspiration

With a face so unique, fans find themselves inspired by Ikiru, Lord Derpington of Blepshire. “People have some fantastic illustrations which really capture his cheeky character.”


He’s so adorable, he sometimes looks unreal!


But he’s more than the imaginings of an artist, he’s a real cat of cheek and sass. Ikiru is still feline after all, and kitties are known for their volatile moods. While he looks tough, Ikiru is adorable when mad. But don’t tell him that!


And when acting the fool, Ikiru is super kawaii. “One particular quirk is he loves tunneling and hiding underneath things like blankets or sheets of paper, or staring at you upside down from the corner of a room.”


Unique Name for a Unique Lad

With his perfect blep and expertise in front of the camera, Ikiru is an unforgettable boy.


Couple his cattiude with an inspiring name and cat lovers will never forget Ikiru. But, what does his name mean? In Japanese, ‘ikiru’ means ‘living’ or ‘to live’.

And, the name Ikiru also offers a nod to his parents’ favorite film director and screenwriter, Akira Kurosawa.


Of their precious cat, Emma and Rich said, “He’s loving, affectionate, and grumpy in the best way. Ikiru is also playful and endlessly amusing.”

Never miss a minute of Ikiru’s playful ways, follow him now!


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H/T: www.pawsplanet.me
Feature Image: @neko.ikiru.san/Instagram

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