Sociable Cat Loves Hanging Out At His Local Pub!


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Spending an afternoon or evening at your local bar or pub is always a fun time and little kitty Eli totally agrees! This cute ginger cat from Liverpool, UK, loves heading down to his local pet friendly pub, Brewdog, to hang out and enjoy a glass of lactose-free milk with his owner and favourite drinking buddy Molly.

Eli wanders down to the pub on his leash and is quite a hit with the other customers at the pub! Luckily, this outgoing cat adores the attention and seeing a cat wandering around on a leash makes the trip to the pub a little more unique for other pub-goers. 

‘Most people see the lead and assume it’s a dog. It’s great to watch their faces when they realise it’s a cat. ‘I’ll invite them to come over and say hello and they get so excited. ‘Luckily Eli loves the attention – I think he’s the most sociable cat ever. ‘He hasn’t let the attention go to his head though.’ Molly told the Metro newspaper. 

Eli now even has his own Instagram account following his adventures at home, at the pub, and on other trips (his feed shows him enjoying days out at parks, shopping at his local Pets at Home store, and visiting landmarks such as the University of Liverpool’s Victoria Building.) 

Eli in tree

Molly, a veterinary medicine student who got Eli when he was 8 weeks old, was worried about the dangers associated with him being an outdoor cat so decided he would be an indoor cat but would leash train him to ensure he could still spend time exploring outside. Whilst he would originally go out on country walks to get exercise, Molly soon decided to try taking him to pet friendly hang-outs, such as Brewdog, and luckily he just loved it! 

Be sure to check Eli out on Instagram for all his fun adventures and if you are thinking of taking your own cat on some adventures, see our leash training guide here.

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