Meet Dios: The Bully Built Like A Bodybuilder | BIG DOGZ

UK BREEDERS Elite Bullyz are home to the world-famous American Bully Dios – whose incredible physique makes their puppies sell for thousands. Dios’s owner Aaron Oliver was one of the first breeders of American Bullies in the UK, he started breeding them six years ago. Today he keeps Dios and two of his pups at his home in Halifax. Dios is known as the first Lilac Bully to come to England six years ago and is highly valued for his ability to produce lookalike pups. Aaron told Barcroft TV: “Dios is probably one of the best in England for producing dogs that look to his appearance.”

Video Credits:
Videographer / Director: Scott Dulson
Producer: Rafaela Kuznec, Ruby Coote
Editor: Pete Ansell

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