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On the 22nd October, one of the Life4Cats rescue’s buildings burned down due to arson in Romania. The organisation, which is Buy Rope’s partner charity, has suffered a lot of damage and lost some essential equipment and space dedicated to helping abandoned cats.

As police records suggest, local children were responsible for igniting the building, causing the flames to spread quickly – by the time emergency services arrived, most of the shelter was beyond saving. The 20 cats that were housed in the building were successfully rescued – however two of them suffered severe burns and are currently being treated.

The damages caused by the fire would cost around  £10.000 to repair. The bathroom, storage room and catio were all demolished by the fire, and the shelter is desperate for help. In order to help them, Buy Rope will double the monthly donation amount sent to the charity for the remainder of the year. The local team had also organised an office fundraising event to collect money for the rescue.

“On Thursday night I thought it was all over… I thought we would never be able to rebuild the shelter – it seemed impossible to. But getting messages from people offering to help gave me hope. Maybe we can do this.” – said Ramona, the owner of the charity.

Buy Rope is asking people to support the shelter in any way possible. Donations can be sent via PayPal to the charity’s account: 

The money raised will go towards the costs of rebuilding the building, as well as the medical costs of the two injured cats. One of the cats seems to be making a speedy recovery from the incident, however, the other one has suffered severe injuries and may be in need of surgery.


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