Essential Cat Grooming Tips for Happy and Healthy Felines

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Cats are not just pets, but they are cherished family members, deserving of the best care possible. Caring for a cat can often mean a lot of responsibility, as one key aspect of their well-being is proper grooming, which ensures not only a shiny coat but also a contented and healthy cat. All cats, regardless of the length of their fur, need to be groomed regularly. This is also a great opportunity for the owner and their cat to bond.

“Cat grooming can be time consuming but very rewarding, and it requires the owner’s full attention” says James Whitten, the Marketing Manager at petGuard.

Cats love being brushed and groomed, and it is important for cat owners to make it part of their routine, so pet insurer petGuard has shared some helpful cat grooming and care tips that will keep every cat happy.

Why is grooming important?

Regular grooming contributes towards the preventative care of the cats by stopping them swallowing dead hair while they self-groom and reducing the likelihood of them coughing up any nasty furballs. Equally, regular grooming allows the owner to spot anything unusual, which might be worth being checked by a vet.

It might take a while for a cat to get used to being groomed, so until then, it is a good idea to keep sessions short and sweet to build up a tolerance. It is important that this experience is kept positive for both the cat and the owner, as forcing this onto the cat can cause stress and build up reluctance or aversion to future grooming.

Cat grooming gloves

Longhaired cat breeds require daily grooming. One way to keep them properly maintained is to use cat grooming accessories like grooming gloves or specialist pet grooming brushes.

Cat grooming gloves are great for cleaning the cat and removing dirt, stray hairs, and pet dander. The gloves are made to fit around cat owner’s hand whilst gently stroke and massage their cat. Some cats may prefer this gentle style of grooming and it is a good way to introduce a young cat to more regular grooming.

“Grooming a reluctant cat can be challenging, and it’s very important to start the routine early when welcoming a new cat into your home” adds Whitten.

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