Kind People Go All Out to Help Cat Left Outside with Kittens, Ensuring the Good Life They Deserve


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Kind people went all out to help a cat left outside with kittens, ensuring the good life they deserved.

cat siamese kittensAliraBestFriendsFelines

Best Friends Felines received a call from a veterinary clinic about a mother cat found on the street with her newborn kittens.

She had been abandoned outside, doing everything she could to keep her kittens safe and fed. “If Alira, as we have named her, had not made her way to the vets, she would not have survived,” Best Friends Felines shared.

Alira arrived with five kittens and many challenges against her. Yet, she continued feeding and tending to her litter.

rescued cat siameseBestFriendsFelines

She’d had a rough path, developed a severe infection and a fever, and was feeling miserable. Volunteers stepped in to bottle-feed the kittens to let Alira focus on healing and nourishing her depleted body.

When she was reunited with her kittens the next day, she was so delighted that she gave each of them an extra bath. Alira needed a hero to help her through her recovery and assist her with her precious five.

cat snuggling kittensBestFriendsFelines

Tom and Kay came upon a post seeking a foster home for the feline family. Despite having no prior experience in fostering, they volunteered to help. “They jumped in the deep end as it was an overwhelming situation.”

They took Alira on many trips to the vet clinic for treatment and checkups, catering to her every need. They babysat the kittens when the mom needed a break and monitored their daily gains to ensure they were on the right track.

cat siamese snuggling kittensBestFriendsFelines

They showered the mom with affection day in and day out, reminding her that she was loved.

“Alira has been back and forth to our vets so many times that she could drive to the vets on her own, knowing the way so well. Tom and Kay have done amazingly and are so dedicated with endless vet visits, giving meds, and taking weights.”

rescued cat nursing kittensBestFriendsFelines

Their tireless efforts paid off as Alira’s infection cleared up. She regained her voracious appetite, cleaning her plates like a champ.

She adores her foster parents and rubs against them when they come into the room. “She is affectionate towards her carers, a faultless litter tray user, and is eating up a storm.”

happy cat nursing kittensBestFriendsFelines

“She is a brilliant mother who takes great care of the kittens but also takes regular time to snooze in a place where the kittens can’t reach her.”

The kittens, Jett, Bogart, Sascha, Benji, and Minou, have blossomed into playful spirits, creating antics with their newfound energy.

sleeping newborn kittensBenji, Sascha, and MinouBestFriendsFelines

“Jett is affectionately known as Jumbo Jett because he’s three weeks old and nearly 500 grams. He is usually found in cahoots with Bogart, the smaller one, who is a bit of a character.

“Bogart has beautiful white frosting on his tummy, is quite adventurous, and likes to give you a little nip with his new teeth.”

yawning kittenMinou gave a big yawnBestFriendsFelines

“Sascha, the only girl, has beautiful big eyes, round ears, and a stripey coat. She’s smaller and quieter than the boys but can hold her own in a play fight.

“Benji, the other grey kitten, is the adventurer of the troop. He wanders the farthest distance from Alira and is often on his feet.”

kittens tiny fluffyJett, Sascha, Minou, Bogart, and BenjiBestFriendsFelines

“And then there is Minou. His ears have popped up, and he has a little grey mask (just like his mom). However, he constantly climbs over Alira, pushes the other kittens off the line when they are feeding, and generally follows her around and annoys her.”

kittens cuteBestFriendsFelines

With the foster family’s help, Alira and her kittens traded the cold, hard ground for cozy beds and worried hearts for pure kitty bliss.

kittens cuteBestFriendsFelines

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