Missing Cat Wanders 24-Miles To Birthplace After Losing His Way Home

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When Cupid the cat got lost, instinct led him to a place 24 miles from home and over a year in the past. His memories of kittenhood and cat treats helped guide him to the old neighborhood where his mom first adopted him.

Before his amazing cat story could be told, his family first spent weeks in despair, looking for their beloved cat. A little more than a month ago, Cupid, a handsome ginger cat, went missing from home. When he didn’t come home for dinner, his mom, India Redman, began to fret. India and her dad, Colin, took to the streets right away, hunting for their lost cat. For days, stretching into weeks, they scoured the neighborhood and social media for signs of Cupid.

India and Colin posted flyers, contacted local shelters, and shared Cupid’s photo on various social media platforms, hoping for any clue to his whereabouts. Despite their tireless efforts, there was no sign of Cupid, and their hope began to wane. Friends, neighbors, and even strangers joined in the search, but Cupid remained elusive.

Meanwhile, Cupid embarked on his incredible journey, driven by the faint memories of his early days. His instinct led him back to the familiar scents and sights of his old neighborhood, where India had first adopted him. The 24-mile trek was filled with dangers and challenges, but Cupid’s determination kept him moving forward.

One fateful day, a kind resident of Cupid’s old neighborhood noticed the ginger cat lurking around. Recognizing him from the social media posts, they immediately contacted India. Overjoyed, India and Colin rushed to the location, hearts pounding with anticipation.

When they arrived, they called out for Cupid, hoping against hope that he would recognize their voices. To their immense relief and joy, Cupid emerged from the shadows, his eyes lighting up at the sight of his family. The reunion was emotional, with Cupid purring loudly as India and Colin showered him with affection.

Back home, Cupid quickly settled in, seemingly unfazed by his adventure. His remarkable journey back to his roots not only amazed his family but also touched the hearts of many who followed his story. Cupid’s return highlighted the incredible bond between pets and their owners and the lengths to which love and instinct can drive a determined heart.

India and Colin’s persistence paid off, and Cupid’s tale serves as a reminder to never give up hope. This heartwarming story of reunion and resilience is a testament to the enduring connections we share with our furry companions.

A quick response to a missing poster fostered hope, India tells Metro News, “Someone actually saw him while she was sitting outside of her house, three days after he went missing.”

But as cats do, Cupid was already gone even though his family hopped on the tip right away, leaving the search to continue. Days passed until the message came that would eventually reunite cat and mom.

India received a message from a woman reporting a ginger cat near her home. She suspected it might be Cupid, so India “jumped out of bed and phoned her straight away because I was so excited.”

“We had a chat and it was definitely Cupid that she had found.”

But Cupid’s finder, Amy Osbourne, didn’t just live a street or two over from India. No, she lived 24 miles from Cupid’s home!

“I was shocked when she told me she was in Odstock in Wiltshire. He must have gone across rivers and fields to get over there in stealth mode.”

A Wild Twist Thanks to Memories of Kittenhood

When India arrived to pick Cupid up, the neighborhood was familiar, with the cat mom revealing, “He was found two doors down from the house where I’d bought him from.”

India had a theory about what led her kitty boy to his original stomping ground, explaining, “Everyone loves him so much in our house, and he gets attention non-stop, so I reckon that he couldn’t find his way back home here because he got too far away, so then he went somewhere else that was familiar to him.”

“I have a feeling he might have gone there to find the original owners but they had moved, so he went somewhere else that was familiar. I like to think that he must have remembered his birthplace and gone back to his roots for a little trip.”

And while intact male cats have a tendency to roam, Cupid’s 24-mile trek is highly unusual, but not unheard of as cats are highly intelligent creatures with mysterious senses we have yet to understand. Science hasn’t definitely pinpointed what gives cats their incredible sense of navigation. Is it a homing instinct, following magnetic fields, or even something supernatural?

Whatever the reason enabling Cupid to make this journey, his family is happy to have their smudged-eye tabby cat back!

“We’re so glad that he’s back home and safe after his 24 mile journey back to his roots.”

House Arrest

To quell the tomcat roaming instinct, India shared, “We’ve just had him chipped and neutered so he’s on house arrest at the moment, but I’m sure he will be back out soon ready to go on some more adventures.”

With his now empty coin purse, Cupid’s adventures will most likely keep him closer to home so he easily can laze about while sticking close to his family!

H/T: www.metro.co.uk
Feature Image: Courtesy of India Redman via www.bbc.com

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