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By Pet Sitters International

While you have likely heard of the annual Take Your Dog To Work Day© event that falls on the Friday after Father’s Day, did you know that cats have their own day of office fun as well?

Celebrated annually on the Monday after Father’s Day, Take Your Cat To Work Day© was designed by Pet Sitters International to celebrate the great companions cats make and promote their adoption. This year’s celebration on Monday, June 17 also provides cat-loving businesses with a way to open their doors to cats before dogs arrive in the office later in the week.

Get prepared with these best practices for bringing cats to work.

If you’re considering celebrating Take Your Cat To Work Day, make sure you follow these best practices to make your day a success.

1. Decide if a trip to the office is right for your cat.

No one knows your cat better than you. Does your kitty become stressed in new environments and around new people, or do they enjoy exploring new places? If a trip to your workplace would cause your cat undue stress, plan an alternate celebration, such as posting a photo of your cat in your workspace or asking your company to host a funny cat video contest.

2. Get permission from your employer.

While your cat may have the makings of the perfect employee, it will be up to your employer to decide whether they can come to the office. Check with your supervisor and co-workers to determine if anyone is opposed to you bringing your cat to work—perhaps due to allergies or fear. Plan an alternate celebration if needed, such as sharing photos and videos of your cat instead of taking them to work.

3. Find ways to give back.

While Take Your Cat To Work Day is a fun event, don’t forget to participate with a purpose by highlighting the importance of pet adoption. Work with your employer to find ways to make a difference in your community, perhaps by inviting a local animal shelter to stop by to show off adoptable cats or by holding a contest to raise funds for your favorite local rescue group.

4. Make sure your cat is ready to travel.

Before the big day, make sure your cat is used to riding in your vehicle (or public transit). Take time to acclimate them to the carrier you will use and to car rides. This will ensure that your cat is less stressed on Take Your Cat To Work Day—and will also be ready for other trips they may need to take throughout the year, such as their routine visits to the vet.

5. Create a comfortable environment for your cat.

Just because your cat is away from home doesn’t mean they can’t have a comfortable environment on Take Your Cat To Work Day. Be sure to pack your kitty’s comforts of home, like favorite toys and a bed for relaxation or hiding. Your list should also include a cat carrier, litter box, food and water bowls, and any needed medications.

6. Don’t force interaction between co-worker and cat.

As hard as it is to believe, not everyone loves cats, so don’t put those co-workers into a situation where they are forced to interact with your cat. Unless your business has agreed to allow cats to roam freely, find a way to keep your cat in your workspace, whether that includes closing your office door or having your cat on a harness and leash. (This will also help keep your cat safe, since cats have a tendency to hide when frightened.)

Don’t worry—cat lovers will make themselves known. You can also use PSI’s free Take Your Cat To Work Day participation sign to let your co-workers know that your cat is at work—and indicate how they should interact with your cat if interested.

7. Come up with an exit strategy.

If you follow the best practices above you are likely to have an enjoyable Take Your Cat To Work Day, but still plan an exit strategy in advance in case your cat shows signs of stress. Plan to take your cat home if needed—or for your professional pet sitter to transport them to your home at a certain time.

But what if you work from home?

Fortunately, virtual celebration options are still available even if you work from home. Talk to your employer about fun and meaningful activities such as a virtual “lunch and learn” with a local pet-care expert or a digital adopt-a-thon. Your company could also invite employees’ cats to a virtual staff meeting and/or feature pet photos on their blog or social-media pages—but be prepared for cuteness overload!

There are so many different ways you can celebrate Take Your Cat To Work Day and give cats the spotlight they deserve this June. Why let dog owners have all the fun?!

Pet Sitters International

Pet Sitters International is the world’s largest educational association for professional pet-sitting and dog-walking business owners. Founded in 1994, the organization provides pet sitters and dog walkers with access to the credentials, continuing education and community needed to thrive in the professional pet-sitting industry.

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