Forgotten Cat Steps Right into a Carrier, Drawn by the Promise of a Cozy and Secure Home for Her Kittens


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A forgotten cat stepped right into a carrier, drawn by the promise of a cozy and secure home for her kittens.

cat mother nursing kittensKyra and her kittensChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

John and Arianne, animal rescuers, came across an online post about a black cat sitting in an abandoned cat tree on the side of the street.

Since no one had secured the cat, they rushed to the scene with treats, a carrier, and a microchip scanner. Upon arrival, they quickly located the cat tree and noticed another cat (a brown tabby) perched inside.

Amidst the pile of discarded items on the ground, something stirred – the black cat from the post emerged, looking bewildered. He fixated on something further down the sidewalk, prompting the rescuers to follow his gaze and investigate.

cats in cat treePictures from the post (above); what the rescuers saw upon arrival (below)ChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

“A third cat, a gray and white, approached the group and brushed against the black cat,” Celine of Chatons Orphelins Montreal shared. “The third cat was a girl with a round belly, obviously pregnant.”

A neighbor shared that the three cats were left behind by their evicted family, forgotten, and had nowhere to go.

cats found outsideChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

John and Arianne were joined by two other rescuers, Misa and Jessica, who had also responded to the post. Together, they brought the trio to safety and found them foster homes.

The gray and white cat walked right into the carrier as if she knew a brighter future awaited her.

cats rescuedKyra walked right into the carrierChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

Chatons Orphelins Montreal took the expectant mother under their wing and named her Kyra. “She immediately purred and made herself at home with her foster carer.”

Kyra checked out her new cat tree in her foster home, balancing on her tiptoes with her round belly on display.

cat pregnant bellyShe inspected her new cat tree in her foster homeChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

She toured her new space, inspecting every nook and cranny, and finally gave her stamp of approval by plopping down contentedly on the floor.

A few days later, Kyra went into labor, meowing for her foster carer to stay close by her side. As a young mother, she was anxious and sought the support and comfort she needed.

cat lying big belly pawsShe gave her stamp of approvalChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

“Her foster mom stayed with her throughout the entire process. Kyra gave birth to four kittens weighing between 89 and 110 grams. They all nursed well and gained weight overnight, with their mom taking exceptional care of them.”

With a cozy nursery and ample food, Kyra feels relaxed and content, basking in the constant care and attention from her foster family.

cat mom nursing kittensShe gave birth to four kittensChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

When she needs a break from her kittens, she seeks cuddles or indulges in playful antics, such as endearingly drinking from the tap.

“Kyra has grown very close to her foster mom, relishing every moment of her company. She’s still a kitten at heart.”

cat newborn kittensChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

She proudly shows off her litter whenever her foster mom enters the room. While lavishing her kittens with undivided attention and unconditional love, she also craves affection, wanting to be pampered herself.

The kittens, now nearly two weeks old, are beginning to open their eyes and see the world for the first time.

cat cuddling tabby kittenChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

They are becoming more active each day, wiggling around the nest, eager to venture outside and explore. Despite their tiny size, their strong purrs resonate throughout the room, filling it with a soothing rumble.

cat happy kittensChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

Thanks to the kind-hearted rescuers, Kyra, her kittens, and the other two cats will never have to endure life on the streets again. Their world is now filled with warmth, soft blankets, and endless affection.

cat snuggling kittenChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

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