9 Best Dog Hair Clippers of 2024 — Recommended by Groomers


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Best Dog Hair Clippers of 2024 — Recommended by Groomers

Best Dog Hair Clippers

Finding the best dog hair clipper when the market is flooded with a variety of them can be overwhelming. Everyone loves a well-groomed puppy, but regular visits to doggie salons can be expensive and anxiety-inducing for almost every kind of dog breed.

DIY grooming between salon appointments can help you maintain your dog’s mane at home, whether they are a short-haired breed or a long or curly-haired one. To misquote Emmert Wolf, “a pet parent is only as good as their tools,” — the best dog grooming clippers will make at-home grooming a safe and pleasant experience for you and your beloved pet.

You must consider several factors when choosing the right one for your furry BFF — your dog’s fur type being the foremost, a few others are listed below.

How to Choose the Best Dog Hair Clippers

Dog Hair Clippers
Photo Credits: kohei_hara | Getty Images

Researching the market for the best dog hair clippers will always prove helpful. But what should you be researching? Here’s a handy guide to a few crucial factors to consider before purchasing.

Your Dog’s Coat Type and Your Grooming Plan

First and foremost, it is essential that you assess the length, texture, and thickness of your furry friend’s coat and then arrive at a grooming plan. Different breeds require different types of grooming. For example, if your dog has long fur or a thick coat, you may want to opt for a multi-attachment clipper with more power and longer blades. Additionally, consider your grooming plan — if you’re only looking for quick trimming between salon appointments, you will do well with an easy-to-handle, inexpensive pair of clippers. For a full grooming session, however, you may want to opt for a clipper with additional blades and attachment combs.

Types of Dog Hair Clippers

There are two types of dog clippers: Professional-grade and light or home-use clippers. As the name suggests, professional-grade clippers are heavy-duty, durable, and versatile, which allows groomers to use them on dogs of all coat types, especially thick coats. These are also much more expensive than the home-use ones. Light-use clippers are designed for occasional use or trims in between parlor visits and are suitable for shorter, lighter coats.

Weight, Size, and Durability

When choosing a dog hair clipper, look for one you can handle best. It should neither be too heavy nor too light. The same goes for the size. If your dog is a breed type that requires a specific kind of grooming (larger dogs may need a larger-sized clipper to cover more area better), that will influence your choice. But at the end of the day, a clipper that feels right in terms of handling and sturdiness will make you a more confident groomer.


Clippers come in single-speed and multi-speed options. Single-speed usually only works for smaller breeds since their fur tends to be fine. But if that is not the case for your dog, go for a multi-speed option, which would afford you better flexibility — adjusting the cutting speed according to your dog’s fur and comfort.

Noise, Vibration And Heat

It’s important to ensure your adorable pet feels comfortable during its grooming session, so opt for clippers with enough power to give it a trim without any discomfort. Most heavy-duty clippers with higher rotation per minute (RPM) and higher speeds will heat up quickly, be more noisy, and have more intense vibration than others. Avoid these if you have an anxious pet at home.

Cordless vs Corded

Each type has pros and cons, so it boils down to personal preference regarding this specific feature. While cordless clippers offer a greater scope of movement, convenience, and portability, they often lack motor power and need more frequent replacement — excessive charging wears out the battery. On the other hand, corded ones are better powered and reliable but are restrictive and can prove bothersome for your pooch.

Blades And Attachments

Once you have decided on the desired fur length for your pooch, pay attention to the blade length of the clippers you are considering buying. Longer blades work best for long-haired dogs; shorter lengths are ideal for dogs with shorter coats. The rule of thumb to remember is that clipper blades with a higher number give a shorter cut. Many clippers today come with adjustable blade lengths, offering you precision trimming. The blade materials range from stainless steel, ceramic, chrome, and even titanium — you’ll be spoilt for choice when picking a durable material.

How to Use Dog Hair Clippers

Clipping Dog Hairs
Photo Credits: Getty Images
  • Before the grooming session, ensure your dog is calm and comfortable. Begin by bathing your pooch and drying them thoroughly. Brush out any tangles to prevent pulling and make trimming easier. 
  • Ensure the blade is clean, sharp, and oiled for optimal performance.
  • Next, introduce your dog to the clippers, let it sniff them, and let it become familiar with them before turning them on. 
  • Begin clipping your dog’s fur in the direction of hair growth, using smooth and gentle strokes. Start with less sensitive areas, such as the back or sides, before moving to more sensitive areas, like the face or paws.
  • Take extra care when grooming around sensitive areas such as the ears, groin, and paw pads. Use a lighter touch to avoid nicking your dog’s skin.
  • If your furry friend seems uncomfortable or stressed, take breaks as needed and offer reassurance and treats.
  • After using the clippers, you can use a trimmer or scissors to finish the groomed look, especially around the face, ears, and feet.
  • Post the grooming, praise your dog, and offer treats as a reward for their good behavior.
  • Lastly, clean the clipper blades. Oil them and keep them ready for your next grooming session.

The Best Dog Hair Clippers to Buy in 2024

By now, you already know what to look for in hair clippers, but our experts have gone a step ahead and made you a ready list of clippers that meet most of the criteria mentioned above.

Take a look at these and pick the best one for your furry friend.

Best Overall
Best for All Breeds
Best Budget
Best Low-noise
Best for Thick Coats
Best Smart
Best Waterproof

Wahl USA Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit


Wahl USA Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit

Andis 24675 UltraEdge


Andis UltraEdge Clipper

oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers


Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers

Highdas Dog Grooming Kit Clippers


Highdas Dog Grooming Kit

Gooad Dog Clippers


Gooad Dog Clippers Grooming Kit

DOG CARE Smart Dog Clippers


DOG CARE Smart Dog Clippers

Grimgrow Dog Cat Home Hair Waterproof Clipper


Grimgrow Dog Waterproof Clipper

We’ve been independently researching and testing products for over 20 years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process.

Wahl USA Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit


Why We Love

Snag-free grooming

Self-sharpening blades

Color-coded guide combs

Easy to handle

Heavy duty motor

It comes with a storage box


Not as quiet as others

This clipper kit offers a complete solution for all your at-home grooming needs. Self-sharpening, snag-free blades ensure your furry friend is safe from cuts and pulls, delivering a smooth trim. With 30% more cutting power, the corded Wahl Per-Pro clipper helps you easily tackle matted or tangled coats, and the adjustable taper lever provides a wide range of cutting different coat lengths. 

The kit also comes with four color-coded guide combs, making it easier to achieve the desired coat length. Moreover, the kit also contains a convenient storage box, scissors, a styling comb, a cleaning brush and oil, and a blade guard. There’s a good reason why Wahl dog clippers consistently feature in groomer-approved recommendations!

Andis 24675 UltraEdge


Why We Love

Powerful motor

Tackles curly and thick coat

Easy maintenance

Extra-long 14 feet cord

Simple design

Detachable blade


More expensive than others

If you have a multi-breed household, with each dog requiring customized grooming, then Andis UltraEdge Clipper has you covered. Its two-speed rotary motor allows you to efficiently cater to all coat types and delivers a precision cut every single time. Experts also recommend these as the best dog clippers for poodles. This low-noise trimmer is perfect for dogs that may get anxious with loud, vibrating sounds.

Moreover, the clipper comes with an extra-long cord of 14 feet, offering a greater range of movement. The simple on-off design makes it easy to handle, and the detachable blades are easy to remove and clean. With practical and safe features, it can easily become a favorite with you and your furry companion!

oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers


Why We Love



Low noise and vibration

Detachable blades

Six guide combs

Can be used even while it’s charging


Blades could be sharper

Built to make grooming a comfortable experience for pets and humans alike, the Oneisall Clipper delivers on budget, too. This cordless nature and its low-noise feature make it very easy to use, especially if you are starting your DIY grooming journey. The stainless steel fixed blade and ceramic moving blade make cutting and trimming a breeze for dogs with short and fine coats, but it is not intended for use on thicker or double-coated dogs.

Additionally, it comes with six plastic guide combs, which are easy to put on and take off and make it easier for you to cut your furry friend’s coat to the desired length. You can also use the clipper while it is charging — no more worrying that it will run out of battery mid-grooming.

Highdas Dog Grooming Kit Clippers


Why We Love

Low noise – lower than 50 dB

Quick and effective trimming


Four guard combs

Perfect for anxious dogs

Titanium blades


Weak battery life with frequent charging

With a working noise lower than 50 decibels, this clipper is perfect if you have a nervous dog who gets anxious during grooming sessions. The cordless and rechargeable design makes for easy maneuvering when your furry friend just won’t stay still. The sharp titanium blades result in quick and precise cutting — again, a good feature to have if you have a pooch that can’t wait to be done with the grooming session.

It also comes with four guard comb attachments, ideal for length maintenance. One of the more affordable clippers on the list, Highdas Clipper delivers easy handling and smooth and clean trim; what’s not to love?

Gooad Dog Clippers


Why We Love

Ideal for dogs with a thick coat

Detachable blade for easy cleaning

Complete grooming kit

It comes in seven different colors

USB charging

Long-lasting battery life


May not require everything that comes in the grooming kit

If you have a four-legged companion with a thick coat, you already know that grooming them requires special tools. The Gooad Dog Clippers kit comes with two blades — a wide one for thick coats and the narrow one for finer fur around sensitive body parts. Designed with a high-quality 33-tooth titanium blade along with a ceramic movable blade, this clipper glides through a dense coat, making the grooming experience a pleasant one for your pooch.

What’s more? It allows you to work at three different speeds at relatively low noise — lower than 60 decibels. It also features a 2200mA high-capacity Li-ion battery, which, when charged for 3 hours, runs for approximately 4 hours. This kit comes with four guard combs, a cleaning brush, a pet comb, scissors, and even a pet nail file and scissors — ensuring you have everything you need for a full DIY grooming session at home.

DOG CARE Smart Dog Clippers


Why We Love

Patented heatproof blades

Smart speed optimization

Two modes – Turbo and Quiet

Auxiliary light

Four guard combs

Real-time monitoring on large LED display


The battery may wear out with repeated charging

This clipper puts your pooch’s safety front and center. Featuring an aerodynamic cooling system and algorithm that monitors temperatures, this smart device will ensure that your pup never gets burned due to heated-up blades. A great thing about it is that it includes an LED display that shows real-time clipping speed, battery life, blade temperature, reminders for oiling the blade, and blade life — ensuring you are always well-informed about these features. 

If you click on the smart buttons, the clipper will intelligently change the clipping speed according to the different coat zones on your furry friend’s body. The two modes on the clipper are Turbo mode (8000 rpm), ideal for heavy-duty trimming of thick and matted coats, and quiet mode, perfect for sensitive pets and grooming of delicate areas. And if you thought that was all, it also comes with an auxiliary light, which helps trim difficult-to-see areas such as paws.

Grimgrow Dog Cat Home Hair Waterproof Clipper


Why We Love

Full-body waterproof design

Powerful motor

Low noise and vibration

Rounded ceramic blade

Charging indicator

USB Charging


May get warm when used on thick hair

This clipper’s compact and lightweight design will have you reaching for it more often than your pet needing a trim! Grimgrow’s waterproof clipper has a ceramic blade with a rounded design that prevents any cuts or injuries on your furry friend’s skin. The standout feature is that the whole body is waterproof, making it washable and easy to clean. 

Although it has a fairly powerful motor (6000 rpm), the clipper operates on low-noise and low vibration that you can easily use on a nervous dog. Designed ergonomically for easy handling, the Grimgrow clipper features a single operable button and has a good hand grip that aids maneuvering. It comes with two guide combs and has a charging indicator — ensuring you are never left with a powerless clipper.

Veeconn Dog Clippers Grooming Kit


Why We Love


A nail grinder head

Waterproof design

Does not overheat

Superior motor and low noise

Three interchangeable trimmer heads


May not be ideal for large breeds or thick-coated dogs

This grooming kit has it all—three interchangeable trimmer heads, four guide combs, and even a nail grinder! Yes, you read it right. The trimmer tools will ensure that no furry bits of your pooch are left unattended, and the safe and effective nail grinder head will also give your pooch manicured paws.

Despite being cordless, the clipper has a superior motor and does not create loud noise while operational, making it just right for sensitive dogs and puppies. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to grip and maneuver, and its waterproof feature means you can clean the clipper completely under running water.

Sodaer Grooming Kit


Why We Love

5-in-1 blade

Powerful motor

Low noise and vibration

Long-lasting battery

Four metal guide combs

USB It comes with an organizer bag


The attachments may not fit properly

With several professional groomers rating this clipper highly, you can rest assured that it will do the job for you at home. One of the best professional dog grooming clippers out there, it’s designed specifically for dogs with a thick coat — gliding through dense fur and offering a tidy trim. When combined, the 5-in-1 blade (which alters between sizes #9, 10, 15, 30, and 40) and the four metal guide combs (3mm/6mm/10mm/13mm) offer you a customizable range of cutting different lengths.

An affordable 5-in-1 option, this clipper can run for five hours on a full charge, which takes three hours—perfect for grooming more than one dog. Its powerful motor (6800 rpm) with low noise and low vibration makes it a great value-for-money purchase.

How We Chose the Best Dog Hair Clippers

At DogTime, our experts curated this list of the best dog hair clippers by assessing factors such as safety, motor power, blade range, ease of use, durability, cost appropriateness, and ergonomics. They further consulted with industry professionals to gain more insight into the top-selling products, using their guidance and experience to bring our readers only the very best. When you choose one of our recommended products, you can rest assured that you’re making an informed purchase from the best brands available on the market.


What is the best brand of dog grooming clippers?

Several reputable brands, including Wahl, Andis, and Oneisall, make excellent dog hair clippers. Choosing the best brand often depends on individual preferences, budget, and specific grooming requirements.

What do professional dog groomers use for clippers?

Since most professional dog groomers often go through many grooming sessions in a day, they prefer clippers with better durability, superior precision, and efficiency in tackling various types and thicknesses of coats.

Are cordless dog clippers good?

Cordless clippers allow you to move around without the hassle of a cord dangling as you trim your precious pooch’s coat. Many people think that cordless clippers may not be as powerful as their corded counterparts, but newer models of dog hair clippers have corrected this flaw. Having said that, the battery does tend to wear out with repeated charging.

How do I choose a dog clipper?

While choosing a dog clipper, you must keep several factors in mind. Firstly, the clippers should work on your dog’s coat type and aid your grooming plan. Next, decide whether you want a corded clipper or a cordless one — the former can be restrictive, and the latter can run out of battery if not charged. Go for a blade size that suits your furry friend’s grooming requirements. Check the noise and vibration level of the clipper if you have a sensitive dog. It should also be easy to handle and durable. Lastly, consider the upfront cost and maintenance costs and decide on a budget accordingly.

Which is better, Andis or Wahl?

Both Andis and Wahl make high-quality dog hair clippers. While Andis is particularly well-known for its heavy-duty clippers used by professional groomers, Wahl offers a mix of professional-grade and consumer-grade clippers suitable for different skill levels. This question has no definitive answer because choosing one over another depends on individual preferences and grooming needs.

Can I use Wahl clippers on my dog?

Yes, you can absolutely use Wahl clippers on your dog. Because Wahl makes a wide range of clippers designed for different coat types, lengths, and grooming needs, you can easily find a Wahl clipper that suits your furry friend’s grooming requirements.

What is the difference between clippers and trimmers?

Clippers are typically used for larger grooming sessions which involve cutting through longer or thicker coats, in contrast, trimmers are best suited for touch-ups, detail work, and grooming sensitive areas where precision is important. Consequently, clippers will have a more powerful motor and use wider, larger blades than trimmers.

What is the difference between dog clippers and barber clippers?

Dog clippers are crafted specifically for grooming our furry friends and, as such, have features that efficiently handle dog fur. Barber clippers, on the other hand, are meant for human hair and cater to a range of hairstyles and cuts. Though they both have similar motor power and functionality, they vary greatly in their blade sizes and accessories.

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