Couple Helps Kitten Missing a Limb and Becomes Attached to Him and His ‘Greatest Protector’


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A couple helped a little tripod kitten and became attached to him and his “greatest protector.”

cute kitten orangeHollandLittle Wanderers NYC

When Little Wanderers NYC, an animal rescue, received an urgent call about a feline family found outside in a neighborhood, they leaped into action.

Volunteers coordinated the rescue and brought them to safety in the nick of time. The runt of the litter was about half the size of his siblings and missing a paw, but he showed remarkable spirit.

A couple, Tatiana and Andrew, heard the family needed a foster home and didn’t hesitate to step up.

cuddly orange kittenLittle Wanderers NYC

They felt compelled to help the feline family. Just a few weeks earlier, the couple had lost their beloved cat, Garfield, which left them heartbroken. “(When I saw) a picture of kittens and their sick mom needing help, I knew it was Mr. Garfield reaching out and telling me to help them,” Tatiana shared.

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They took them in that night and settled them comfortably into their home.

kittens snuggly pileLittle Wanderers NYC

The couple syringe-fed the kittens and provided supportive care. While the 4-legged littermates grew stronger and more active, the little tripod, Holland, focused on getting bigger in preparation for his surgery.

His orange tabby brother, Little Garfield, was the spitting image of the couple’s beloved late cat.

kittens cuddles sweetHolland and Little GarfieldLittle Wanderers NYC

From the beginning, Little Garfield was always by Holland’s side, playing with him and keeping him company. Though much larger in size, he was very gentle and nurturing and often cleaned his little brother’s face after meals.

Holland saw himself as equal to his siblings and could hold his own during playtime.

snuggly kittens pileLittle Wanderers NYC

At just a few weeks old, Holland tried to scale the playpen with three functioning legs as if he could conquer anything.

With good food and plenty of love from his foster parents, he almost caught up to his siblings and was big enough to undergo surgery to remove the stump of his leg to improve his quality of life.

tripod kitten orangeLittle Wanderers NYC

Holland was tiny, but his strong will helped him overcome every obstacle. He perked up shortly after surgery and devoured a plate of food with fervor. The veterinary staff were amazed by his incredible resilience and voracious appetite.

A few days later, he was moving around like nothing had happened.

kittens cuddly pileLittle Wanderers NYC

“While most of us would be recuperating very slowly, this tiny kitten barely noticed he only had three legs.”

His siblings wrapped him in a cuddly pile as if helping him heal. His brother, Little Garfield, became his “greatest protector” and rarely left his side. Constantly surrounded by love, Holland made a speedy, full recovery and blossomed into a ball of energy.

kittens sleeping best friendsLittle Wanderers NYC

It took a village and Herculean efforts to rescue this feline family. After a couple of months in foster care, they were ready to embark on the next chapter of their journey.

“Fostering Little Garfield, Holland, and their two siblings brought me back to life, and it all made sense again. Little Garfield looks exactly like my angel Garfield, and even his behavior is very similar,” Tatiana added.

orange tripod kitten catHolland has blossomed into a rambunctious young catLittle Wanderers NYC

The couple fell head over heels for the tripod kitty and his best friend. “We ended up adopting Garfield and Holland.”

Their two other siblings also found a forever home together, and their mother cat moved in with a wonderful family who helped her acclimate to indoor life.

orange cats best friendsThe couple adopted Holland and Garfield togetherLittle Wanderers NYC

“I am very thankful to Little Wanderers for rescuing my kittens. Holland would not have survived without their help, and he is the most rambunctious sweet kitten ever.”

orange cats best friendsLittle Wanderers NYC

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